Paintball and Poker for Peace I've found that if I don't really plan to do something on the weekend, I end up doing the most unusual things. I *did* plan to go play paintball Saturday morning. Eleven of us woke up exceptionally early that morning to arrive at Arnold Paintball, a fine establishment about an hour from Montreal. Outfitted in some fetching camouflage overalls, masks, and gloves, we played several games--urban warfare, jungle skirmish, post-apocalyptic shootout--until we ran out of very expensive paintball pellets. By the way, the pellets hurt, especially if you get hit in the breast, which I did, despite being furnished with a breastplate. Arriving home, I found a message on my machine inviting me to dinner with a group of artists who had just attended a performance at Oboro commemorating John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Peace-in in Montreal. Cool, I thought. The artists, who played John and Yoko and spent several hours in a bed in the middle of the gallery, would be there too. Double-cool. An evening of deep intellectual stimulation and general political left-winged-ness. Well, it was that, but so much more. After finishing dinner at SenSala, that fun Brazilian restaurant on Bernard, we went back to my friend L's house for cake, coffee, and tea (herbal, natch) and played Poker. Games with names like "Woolworths", "Snake", and "Follow the Queen". How strange, I thought. How completely normal we are, I concluded.


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