Sufferin' Sucotash!

Sufferin' Sucotash!
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Sufferin' Sucotash!

Nomar poses for his Chsritmas portrait.


My Very First Published Story is Now Online in carte blanche http://www.carte-blanche.org/issues/01/


Merry Moosemas! What a typical Moosemas home looks like, festooned with Moosemas fun and sparkle!
Look What I Can Do! My new company! www.cg-soup.com


The (Re)Birth of the (New) New Left? or "Norma Rae, meet Jar Jar Binks" http://www.marinij.com/Stories/0,1413,234~24407~2599252,00.html I find it facinating that the industry I'm associated with is going through this "industrial revolution" period, where rules about hours and fair wages are being fought again.


EA Workers a Bunch of Pussies? An exchange I had with one of my gal pals (a lawyer) reveals the need for the return of Norma Rae or someone else with ... balls.
  • A says: Salon is running a story today on the EA exploitation of workers issue. Software engineers are bigger pussies than lawyers even.
  • Maggie says: i know...they're they new coal miners and textile workers...they may have degrees, but they share more with the working classes of the early 20th century than they admit.
  • A says: That sounds most eloquent but I still say that if you have the means, education and tools to overcome the oppression that the working classes cannot, if you still work 80 hours a week for no overtime then you are a pussy.
  • Maggie says: pussy it is...i cannot disagree...