Marge Simpson, Smurfette, and Celine Dion's Mother

Marge Simpson, Smurfette, and Celine Dion's Mother Originally uploaded by mellowkitty.

Who would have thought that after years of denying my inner drag queen, I would finally come out this Halloween. Inspired by a half-priced blue wig that matched a square dancing dress I found years ago, I tarted myself up for Halloween this year. I was, of course, outdone by my gay boyfriends--but, they had a professional makeup artist.

I had a great time pretending I was the only Smurfette in a land full of Smurfs. We had a Smurfing good time.


One Gal, One Month, Fifty-thousand Words

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Yup. I've signed up for NaNoWriMo and pledge to write a novel--even a bad one--in a month.


R.I.P. Punkin

R.I.P. Punkin
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I found Punkin pacing up and down the sidewalk in front of my house about four years ago. It was as if my reputation for occasionally taking in stray cats had somehow reached him.

He loved to hang out by the fish pond in the summer. In the winter, he liked to lie on the couch right in the middle of the sunbeam.

He died of the double whammy of feline leukemia and an enlarged heart. The latter is somehow poetically appropriate.


jacques derrida dead impossible to summarize the loss, which has (no) meaning anyway. any way. existence is always/already parenthetical. (m)other, where for art thou?



All the Fish are Swimming in the Water, tra-la-la-la-la-la

All the Fish are Swimming in the Water, tra-la-la-la-la-la
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Eadwarde Muybridge would have killed for this feature...my digicam snaps 16 frames in quick sucession and then creates a single image of the results.

In this case, my goldfish--newly rescued from the freezing outdoor pond--sashay around their new indoor home to create this subtly changing scene. The fishy's tail goes swish-swish....


Looking at the Future, Brightly

Looking at the Future, Brightly Originally uploaded by mellowkitty.

That was the colour of the sky today. I'm not kidding. Just ask the bees.