A New Career? Found this while randomly visiting Blogger blogs: http://job.yslive.com/main.html $45.00 US an hour and I only have to keep men chatting with me. I am nothing if not articulate and well read. And I have boobies....Sounds like easy money.


What a Tomata!

What a Tomata!
After over two weeks in the country, I came home to discover tomato plants that are taller than me. I've been enjoying one every day, and today it looks like two are ripe enough to eat. Salt, pepper, a little olive oil...my kind of cooking ;)


This Just In.... http://tinyurl.com/3ofsz (http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,64596,00.html) "Effective with this sentence, Wired News will no longer capitalize the "I" in internet. At the same time, Web becomes web and Net becomes net." picky, picky, picky...my god! i stopped using capital letters ages ago. i also think spelling is borgois...

You must be joking....

If I spread cat nip on the kitchen floor, how long will it take three cats to lick it clean?


The Birds and the Bees

Okay, I know it's a wasp... Hummingbirds actually sound like Jedi Knight light sabre swords when they swoop in for some nectar. They don't mind the occassional wasp, but they'll attack any other hummingbird that tries to share the feeder. They're small, but they're mean.


Punkin 'n' Me

What do you do on a rainy afternoon? You lie around on the floor with your cat and count the number of hairs on his neck.


Cats in the Country I've been at the cottage for a couple of days now. Today, it's quite cool, so I have a fire going and am happily reading Felicia's Journey by William Trevor. It's one of those books that you want to finish because you want to know how it ends--but, you don't want to finish because you're enjoying it so much. It's satisfying my love for a great story and my attraction to serial killers. I say no more; read it yourself. (I haven't seen the Egoyan adaption of the novel, but the review on IMDB indicates that it's strayed from the original focus of the story.) Accompanying me in the cottage are my three furry friends. I managed to attract them into the kitty carriers for the drive up here by using liberal amounts of cat nip. Rosie sat happily in her private carrier, quietly watching the mountains appear as we hurtled up the 15 north. Punkin and Nomar had to share a cage. Nomar insists that he'll never do that again, as Punkin had a rather stinky accident, from which Nomar could only escape an hour later. Rose-scented perfume did little to mask the smell coming from the back. All stayed in the cottage for the first day, but the call of the outdoors was too strong, and they've begun exploring the gardens around the cottage. I lure them back inside with a trail of kitty litter and we all fall asleep to the sound of nothing. Purrrrrrrrrr....