Loco Motion When I was on holiday in London, I got used to walking everywhere. I was, after all, there to see as much as possible, and the tube isn't terribly interesting (or efficient, for that matter). When I got back to Montreal, I started walking to work two to three times a week, as I fell in love with the...um...weight loss benefits. It took me about an hour to make the trek from home to work. A couple of weeks ago, I dragged my old Bianchi out of the shed, pumped up the tires, gave it a good oiling, and went for a bike ride. I've been on my bike ever since. It takes me about 15 minutes to get to work by bike, not much longer than it does by car. Last weekend, I even biked to all my social activities--to the gay village for a concert, the jazz fest for, what else, jazz, up to the plateau for drinks, downtown for a party, back to the plateau for champagne. I even biked to Candian Tire to get extra reflectors for my bike for those late night rides. The past two days, however, I've been coming by car, which, blissfully, has AC. The heat is too much, and I tend to leave just as the city is heating up (around 10:30 a.m.). Although there are showers at work, I've not managed to break my minimum 45 minute getting-ready routine and loathe the thought of primping and scrubbing at work. I'm waiting for someone to turn the thermostat down 'cause I want to straddle my old saddle.

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