Some babies just aren't very cute Although the temperature today is quite cool, Montrealers know it's been stinkin' hot for a while now. Last Wednesday, to celebrate the arrival of one of my buds from accross the pond, I had a bar-b-q. It was hot. There was lots of food. There were many flies. My garbage can is conveniently located under the stairs, not far from the dining patio. Styrofoam dishes heaped with chicken bones, leftover salad, and crumpled napkins were quickly chucked into the garbage can. I missed the garbage pick-up on Friday. Did I mention it was hot? I opened up the garabge can yesterday, in preparation for pick-up this morning. It was teaming with maggots. More than I''ve seen in a long time. More than I ever want to see again. They aren't cute *at all*. These are the moments when I miss having a man about the house. But, if I can deal with the kitty litter box, I can deal with this, I thought to myself. At first, I though if I sprayed them with a bleach solution, they'd kind of die and cease wiggling. However, when I sprayed them, they just started wiggling more and heaps of them started leaping out of the garbage can as more seemed to surge from the bottom. Then, I thought that if I slipped a larger garbage bag over the opening of the garbage can, I could just flip the contents inside the larger bag. I couldn't manouver the bag inside the can properly and more babies slipped out. My heart was racing in complete digust and panic. Finally, I figured that the easiet thing to do was to simply put the entire can in the larger garbage bag. I put the lid back on, made sure there were no stray babies on the outside, and encased the entire thing in the larger bag. I immediately put it outside. I hope Canadian Tire has garbage cans on sale this week.

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