Geese and Tee Many Martoonis A certain stock I own has performed rather well lately, so I decided to sell some and splurge on something I've been wanting for a while--a 100% goose down duvet. Fortuitously, The Bay put theirs on sale on Friday, so on my way to work, I stopped off and checked them out. I found one with the right amount of loft and bought it. That night, I changed all the sheets on my bed and stuffed my new duvet in a clean, cat hair-free, cover. To test its effectiveness, I shut off the heat completely (impossible with my regular duvet, unless you like dreaming that you're naked and you can't find the thermostat to turn the heat up in your childhood home). Omigod. I was so toasty. Pratically roasting. Thank-you, geese. Thank-you. Unfortunately, on Saturday, I didn't get to sleep under my downy duvet. At my friend L's cocktail party, I had a few too many martinis. At around midnight--we'd been drinking since 6:00--I curled up on some cushions in her living room, but then decided that her bed would be much more comfortable. Bless her heart, she didn't boot me out; she slept in the guest room. When I finally got up, she handed me glass after glass of cold water and, when those decided they were going to stay down, cup after cup of good espresso and steamed milk. I slept like a kitten on Sunday night, reunited with my 45 ounces of downy softness and four purring kitty bodies who also approved of the newest member of the family.

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