Mommy Has Too Much Disposable Income After brunch yesterday, my friend L and I went to the new pet store on St-Laurent just above Duluth. After cooing at the adorable kittens in the front window and wondering whether Punkin would play with the several-dead-mice-on-springs toy, we wandered to the back and found even more adorable kittens asleep in a cat hammock. "Hey! I wonder how much those are?" Thirty-five dollars later, I'm the proud owner of a cat hammock and a several-dead-mice-on-springs toy. When I got home, I called the kitties in and excitedly/proudly/expectantly plopped the new purchases on the floor. Confused, they simply wandered over to their food dishes. I rubbed cat nip on the new purchases. They licked it all off. I put their favourite toy in the hammock (as if that would clue them in). They swatted the cat toy out of the hammock. I put one of my best, but unlaundered t-shirts in the hammock. They demanded to go outside. Despairing that I'd have to donate the purchases to my parent's church bazaar, I discovered Nomar sleeping in the cat hammock this morning. They were just toying with me. cat hammock (This isn't Nomar, but you get the idea.)

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