Make Me Over During the broadcast of What Not To Wear, my friend A called and left two messages about the show. She had to leave two messages because I was too busy watching the show to answer the phone. This episode centred around late thirties-something Gina and her penchant for clothes that reminded me far too much of what I have in my own closet. I was second-guessing the amount of pleather, fish net, and maribou feather any girl really needs in her wardrobe. I think what got to A the most--hence, the second message--was that the "fashion victim" is not only nominated by her friends for a fashion makeover, but is secretly videotaped for an entire two weeks. The victim is then forced to watch herself, cellulite, bulges and all on always unflattering videotape. A managed to switch to another station, whereas I watched the whole thing. She saw cruel intentions, whereas I saw a Cinderella story. Shame on me! Pass me my over-the-knee boots and mini skirt: we're going out on the town!

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