Music and Mullets Drove to Victoriaville this weekend to see Sam Shalabi and 8 guest musicians debut Alma Venus. Mostly inspired, a little self-indulgent, the audience and the performers both had a great time. In part backed by musicians from The Donkeys (who I've never seen perform before) I was totally impressed by the guitar, bass, drum, and vocal support they gave the composition. A trip to Victoriaville isn't complete without genuine mullet sightings.... My friend L and I spotted two adult males and one child male sporting the legendary hair-don'ts. No female mullets on display, unfortunately. Matrix X3 Watched all three Matrix movies back-to-back yesterday. I'm more convinced than ever that Trinity is really the centre of the movies' mythology...kind of like Mary Magdelene to Neo's Jesus. Otherwise, I confirm that the third movie is the weakest one, especially in terms of editing ... how difficult would it have been to actually weave the three final story lines together instead of presenting them more or less sequentially. Boooooooooooring.... The effects for the final battle between Mr. Smith and Neo were outstanding, however.

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