Can You Bake an Apple Pie?

Can You Bake an Apple Pie?
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There's an apple tree beside the cottage that bears small, mealy, but sweet (not tart) fruit. Feeling adventurous, I picked as many as I could and then set out to make a pie.

I've never made a pie before. Quiche, yes. Pie, no. Never. Turning to my dog-eared copy of the Joy of Cooking, I used their recipe to make the filling. The crust was purchased at the Provigo; my mother tried to teach me how to make the perfect pie crust, but I never managed to get the dough to stick together.

The pie was incredibly delicious...I sprinkled raw sugar on the crust before popping it in the oven for that professional bakery touch (as the Joy of Cooking suggested).

I recently took a quiz (What Castaway Personality Are You?) where one of the questions asked what one thing you'd bring with you on a deserted island. I immediately chose "toiletry bag", but after this culinary experience, I think I'll answer "my copy of the Joy of Cooking" -- after all, they have recipes for cooking all kinds of varmints in there as well...Rosie the cat almost caught a chipmunk yesterday...Mmmm, chipmunk.

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