Arrived in New York again on Friday night, after a delay of two hours due to the heavy rain falling in Montreal and New York. My biggest fear when travelling by plane is not crashing, but being seated next to a larger person with whom I will have to battle for personal space--particuarly that of the middle arm rest. That's why I prefer window seats: at least I can burrow into a corner and feign sleep for the duration of the flight. Happily, my seat mate was a young woman flying to New York to meet a young man she had met in Montreal the week previous. Obviously excited about the romatic weekend ahead of her, she immediately endeared herself to me by saying, "You're makeup really suits you. I'm a makeup artist." We soon discovered that we were staying one block from each other on West 43rd, so made a pact to share a cab from the airport, saving us both the cost of a bottle of decent wine. It was a good flight.

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