Bag Lady for a Day There are currently five creatures in my house--four cats and one dog. Lola, my newest ward, is my friend B's black and white cat who I'm taking care of while B is in England for the next few months. The dog leaves tonight, which still leaves me with the too-close-to-baglady-number of four cats. I always told my pals that if I ever hit the five-cat mark, to intervene immediately. Lola was rescued from a pet store, where she passed from cute kittenhood to not-so-cute adulthood behind a enclosure. Despite having grown up partially behind plexiglass, Lola is a sweet little thing. Right now, she is torn between wanting to play with Nomar and wanting to tear his eyes out: she curiously watches him bat a play mouse around whilst growling from beneath a bench in my office. Welcome, Lola and thanks for bringing me closer to the brink of smelly eccentricity.

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