London, Day 10 This is likely my last post from London, as I head off to catch my flight earlyish tomorrow. I went on a bit of a shopping binge yesterday, trying to find gifts to bring back for people, especially my kind neighbours taking care of the kitties. I've mostly concentrated on trying to find things that I couldn't get elsewhere--*knickers* from Marks and Spencers, some lovely tops, some really beautiful square pillow shams for the living room in an Indian motif, cool cosmetic thingys, teas, tinctures, and tins of biscuits. Went to the White Horse for my last Friday night pub night. A different pub from last week's, this one was just full to bursting, people spilling out all over, broken glass on the cobblestones. A real mixture of people from all over Europe. I had a great time, but this time I stopped drinking at a certain point. Today, I'm just going to hunt around Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus for a few things (there's a bookstore I want to go to), then I meet my friend B and his girlfriend for dinner. That's all from London.

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