London, Day 3.1 I have an hour to kill before meeting a friend and his girlie for dinner near Covent Garden. This internet cafe is amazing (although annoyingly I keep on picking the keyboard with the bum spacebar. This one works, but it makes the most grating noise when pressed--like a staple gun). It is jam packed. There must be 1000 or more workstations here. You can buy an hour for a pound, or do like me and buy a 7 day pass for a mere £6. There are people from all over the worl here. The man beside me is consulting some site in an Eastern European language I don't understand. Behind me, someone is playing something that looks like Donkey Kong. Another man is gambling online. A woman is purchasing something with her credit card and is holding the card up to the screen to compare numbers. Another man is looking at her do this. Earlier, a man wearing headphones was laughing to himself as he chatted online. I haven't seen anyone checking out porn, though. Not yet, anyway. Other observations: - Everyone here has a cel phone. Everyone. And they talk on them while walking down the road all the time. And they will reveal the most intimate details in the process. "Yeah, I have a really bad day. I was slagged at work all day. Yeah. I'm going for a swim. Uh-huh. Yeah, I'll be in later. Yeah. All right. Bye." - This city is full of people. Exceptionally full of people. More people than New York. More people than San Francisco. More people than Paris. It's full of people. They're everywhere. - Tomorrow I'll try to tell you about English men and what makes them brazenly fun!

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