Nomar: the Cat's Pyjamas When you have four cats, it's hard not to play favourites. But, each of my little guys has their singular charm: Benny is the friendliest, Rosie is the most independent, Punkin is the cutest, and Nomar is the gentlest. Nomar spends as much time with me as he does with my neighbours and their grandchildren, with whom he is exceptionally patient, letting them pick him up and carry him about the garden. He's a big orange fella. Big paws. Short hair. Face a bit human-like. He still spends more time out than in, but that ratio changes as the temperature dips. This morning he wandered in and sat on me as I was reading the paper. He's so big that it's impossible to actually cuddle him and read at the same time. So, I gave in to this large purring mass and he sat on me, his head on my shoulder and his entire body covering the entirety of my upper torso. Sigh. Cats are lovely. Nomar was brought to me a few years ago. My other neighbours were proprietors of a local watering hole, and some patron had left Nomar in the bar. My neighbour's daughter tried to keep him, but her allergies were really bad, so he came to me. Whoever left him there doesn't know what they're missing.

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