24 hours in the life of... Yesterday at about this time, I was sitting in a meeting in which we were going over the last minute details of the release of Softimage's new products. There was still much to do, despite the long hours spent in the office the previous weeks. In the middle of the meeting, realizing I hadn't eaten at all that day, I stepped out and grabbed a bagel and coffee from Tim Horten's. Verdict? Coffee good. Bagel bad. After the meeting, there was a mad scramble to get everything marked, proofed, and prepped for the web. I managed to finish up just in time to get to the Sigur Ros concert at Metrolpolis. It was sheer pleasure to go from the chaos of the office to the hypnotic sounds created by theses skinny Icelandic angels. Backed by a string quartet, they sound a bit like Radiohead, a bit like monks singing Gregorian chants, and a bit like a good jazz combo on a really mellow night. I didn't want to leave, and just sat at the bar chatting with friends until the staff warned us that our coats, still in the coat check room, risked getting locked in forever if we didn't go get them. Got home and discovered that Prom Night was playing on Pix. I fell asleep, so I'm not entirely sure who the prom killer was. But Jamie Lee Curtis sure did cut a rug in the Saturday Night Fever-inspired dance scene. Can you say "Farah Fawcett Flip"? Woke up very late. Got to work very late. Went for lunch with a friend at Sofia's, treating ourselves to a lunch that cost us more than our usual $6.50 budget. To bring things full circle, a meeting similar to yesterday's is about to take place in a few minutes. In the meantime, I'm having my palm read by our very wise receptionist who does this every year to raise money for Centraide. Click here to see the fruits of our labour.

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