A pumpkin, a drill, and far too much red wine About eight of us sat on the floor of a friend's living room and scooped out pumpkin guts. Once hollow, most took out knives to carve faces, but one person had his carving set with him and scraped a face onto the surface of the pumpkin--very effective. There was one bottle-blonde who brought her cordless drill and drill set and proceeded to drill tiny little holes in her pumpkin, into which she placed tiny Christmas lights. The results would have been fabulous, rather than experimental, had she brought enough lights (100 wasn't enough!) and had they not insisted on shorting out whilst in contact with the moist pumpkin flesh. Dropping the pumpkin a couple of times brought the lights back to life, but tended to have ill effects on the pumpkin itself. The saucy "vin de table" she brought with her reminded her that the ends don't always justify the means.

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