Fun with Science I love the Fall, partially because that means that church bazaars and flea markets will be in full swing. I know some people like to go to the posh neighbourhoods to find steals on designer stuff. Me? I like to go to Verdun, because that's where you can find vintage 70s and 80s stuff for practically no money whatsoever. Here's an inventory of what I found: 1 Hilary Radley nylon trench coat. Crayon green with orange and black polka dot lining. $2.00 1 100 % pure wool cape. Red. $2.00 1 Anne Klein wool skirt. Black. $1.00 1 Khaki shorts, like Debbie Harry wore on the Muppet Show. $1.00 1 almost complete "Grow Your Own Crystals" Kit, complete with growing dishes, charcoal starter, mercurochrome, iodine, food colouring. Fabulous picture of mom and son on front cover. $.25

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