A Brand New Me! Thanks to Bill, my blog has received a much needed makeover and now matches my still-very-empty web site. The only thing missing is the comments section at the end of each entry. The code for that feature is on my sick PC, which decided to fry my network card while I was on vacation. Thinking that I could just swap in a network card from another PC I just happened to have hanging around, I went ahead and did that. Now the damn PC won't boot--at all. All should be well this weekend, though. On another note, I started a workshop sponsored by the Quebec Writer's Federation entitled Memoir: The Art of Personal Writing. The goal is to have the workshop act as a catalyst for *finally* publishing some stories I've been working on on my web site. Hopefully, the workshop will ensure that they're free of cloying self-indulgence and contain a semblance of (quirky) universality.

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