You Don't Need an Invitation to the Revolution i have no mouth and i must scream Being among the 20,000 or so at the peace march on Saturday was amazing. Stuck somewhere between the Brazilian Bongoers for Peace and the Cypriot Citizens for Disarmament, six cold women linked arms, laughed, shouted, and kept each other as warm as possible on the slow walk down Ste-Catherine, past the American Embassy, to Complexe Guy-Favreau. On the way, a pit stop in a Presse Cafe to warm cold toes between warm hands and an altercation between a visiting American and a man carrying a picture of an upside-down American flag. "Get back to the strip club", we shouted. He was outnumbered, and we suspect he was also eager to return to the dim and the flesh. Here's hoping this, among the many worldwide marches that day, keeps ignorance in the strip clubs and something approaching enlightenment in the cool daylight.

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