I'm hooked on CSI, CBS's hit show (now in two locations with two hot casts) that gives a new face to intelligent gore--where else can you see an entire family in the graphic aftermath of its slaughter or a coroner lovingly handling the remains of a burn victim? I am totally in lust with the character Gil Grissom, whose biography reads in part, "Grissom began riding his bike out to the beach every day to collect dead seagulls, opossums, and anything else he could find. He would bring the remains home to conduct autopsies." He's hot. He's eccentric. He drinks jimson weed tea to test its effects. He's just this side of a serial killer, far more so than that other hottie, Vincent d'Onofrio from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. You can rent the entire first season of CSI on DVD, an excellent way to pass an afternoon. Catch CSI:Miami tonight and CSI on Thursday.

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