My Birthday Week Started celebrating my birthday (February 4) last Saturday, with a lovely cream and butter-filled dinner at Le Caveau, a favourite resto in our family. Mum and Dad gave me a gift certificate to Simons, so Sunday was spent shopping aimlessly all afternoon, culminating in a trip to Paragraph's, a quick snack at Le Commensal, and a bit of practice with my band's bassist. Tuesday was my actual birthday, but some bad news that day kinda took the wind out of it. Still, had a lovely birthday lunch at Mazurka's and dinner later. We wanted go to Basilisk, a fab fondue restaurant on Duluth, but it was closed. So, we went for Greek, and then almost closed down Reservoir drinking port and smoking cigars. Wednesday, I had to miss yulblog to practice with my bandmates for my upcoming birthday party, which this Saturday. I have *no* idea what to wear. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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