What You Say? My ears are still ringing from the David Bowie concert on Saturday. About three-quarters of the way through the show, I realized that I had done some damage to my eardrums when I couldn't hear the vocals anymore. Anyhoo, it was well worth it. From behind, Mr. Bowie still looked like the skinny ass dude he was 30 years ago. From the front, he looked fabulous and reminded me that you're never too old to wear really tight jeans. You may be too round, mind you, but you're never too old. My favourite song? "All the Young Dudes", made famous by the incomparable Mott the Hoople. Before the concert, had drinks at le Germain, a difficult to find boutique hotel on Mansfield with the best lychee martinis I've ever had. One review boasts that its restaurant "offers magnificent panorama views of rue Président-Kennedy". Since when is President-Kennedy a "view"? Regardless, the hotel is charming, but their sign is far too subtle--several of my friends walked right by it thinking that it was merely a swish office building lobby. In the meantime, if you see me, please shout very loudly and talk distinctly.

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