One Day a Year I find it somewhat ironic that, on the eve of International Women's Day, Sheila Copps' bid to hold on to her riding of Hamilton seems to have been kyboshed by the conservative elements of the Liberal party. Don't get me wrong: I'm not a particular fan of Copps' and certainly joined in the jeering when she allocated federal monies to distribute Canadian flags accross the country just in time for La Fete Nationale and Canada Day. Nonetheless, she was a bold politician--some called her shrill--and I feel her sense of injustice as 20 years of service to an entity has been tossed into the trash heap. She's a vicitim of the political system, but she was also complicit with it. As I look at my own wanderings through private sector and the politics I play in the name of "professional development", I wonder if I shouldn't be more conscious of how I may be perpetuating structures that, ultimately, value the bottom line (whether it's actual currency or the political kind) more than the human beings that contribute to it. As one of my professors said of political and social theory, "Just when you think you understand it, there's Karl Marx coming 'round the corner winking at you."

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