The Secret to My Success Some of you may have wondered why I'm so at ease at cocktail parties, easily debating both the merits of squeezable cheese and the currency of Aristotle's Poetics. The answer is Concordia's Liberal Arts College. Every year, the college produces young adults who can drop any name associated with any aspect of Western Civilization. In three years, you learn history, literature, philosophy, science, art and music. First-year students are forced to go to New York and weather five days of culture and four nights of keeping other hotel guest awake. Second-year students re-enact Plato's Symposium or Dante's Purgatorio. Third-year students feel compelled to apply for a Rhodes scholarship. Last Saturday was the college's 25th anniversary. About ten people from my year attended and I'm proud to announce that we remained the "difficult" year. After dinner, when the speeches and "talent show" began, we high-tailed it back to the bar to drink, and smoke, and laugh at everyone from all the other years who were listening patiently to someone reminisce about their research into the municipal governements of the Weimar Republic. The vice-principal actually had to come over and tell us to be quiet. Despite not having seen some of my college mates for over a decade, we easily fell into old habits--teasing, flirting, debating, mocking. We are still a bunch of overly bright misfits who know just enough about everything to navigate through any stuffy social occassion.

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