Don't Hate Me Cuz I'm Too Smart Yesterday, Salon's Broadsheet published an item commenting on an op-ed piece in the New York Times in which the dean of admissions at a college in Ohio--the mother of a college age woman, no less-- admitted to rejecting qualified women. Why? Because there's a glut of smart women and not enough smart men applicants. To keep numbers equal, admissions officers are evening the playing field. I found this "admission" incredibly disturbing, maybe because I credit my university education with having provided me with so much. It gave me choices and offered an environment where I created life-long friends. To think that someone -- anyone -- would be denied an opportunity because they are simply too good is maddening beyond words. This is a practice sanctioned by women and mothers against their daughters. Power corrupts. Absolutely.

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Frank said...

It's a bit disturbing to see that places of higher learning are returning to a bit of elitism. This is the third news item I've heard this week. First it was my alma mater raising the admission standards, then easing affirmative action policies for blacks, now the same for women.

Maybe I find it unsettling because I was one of those people who just sneaked in with barely passing scores. I am easily a vastly different person than if I had not made it to college.