It's almost as if I have a finger on the pulse of something.... Yesterday, the Australian reported that Maureen Dowd (see previous post) was in Australia to promote her book, Are Men Necessary. Maureen--bless her!--told the newspaper of her desire to connect with a worthy Aussie dude. Some of the replies are here. The funniest one: From SSS : If she can answer this question I`ll let her have me. How many blokes does it take to open a beer can? None. Maureen should of had it opened when she brought it to me. She better be able to cook and clean also. Why do I think it's the funniest? Because it's a play on an obvious stereotype. Because it's politically incorrect. Because it reminds me that lurking underneath seeming sensitivity is often something that will really, really hurt you (which is true of men and women). I like it for the same reason I adore Charles Bukowski's writing (and probably for the same reason women adored Bukowski when he was alive). He was a man's man and, as such, you knew he was going to be a shit. When you know the truth, there are no nasty surprises. What's that burning on the barby?


Michel said...

What's that burning on the barby?

It's my meal. So why don't you be a good little girl and get it for me before my beer gets warm, mmkay?

Maggie said...

see what i mean? that's funny!

Michel said...

All righty then, I'll try it at home. I'll let you know how that turns out, once my broken bones heal.