Do Palms Tell the Truth? I've had my palm read three times in my lifetime. Once by a stranger on College street in Toronto, again by our receptionist (she does it every year to raise money for Centraide), and lastly by a colleague while we were waiting for a connecting flight in the Atlanta airport. We were a bit bored and tired, and he started showing me card tricks, then coin tricks, and then finally, he read my palm. He said, "I want you to know I don't believe in this, but I know how to read palms, and people are surprised sometimes." I was surpried. Although he didn't know me very well, he told me: That I find it difficult to focus. (true) That I'm a larger-than-life character, which may push people away at times. (true) That I had two distinct choices when I had to choose a career path. (true) That I'll live a healthy life. (I hope so ;) That my heart rules my head when I make decisions. (see below) Our receptionist knows me better than this guy, and she never told me any of this stuff. I know none of this sounds remarkable, but he touched on *exactly* the things that I had been struggling with recently. Most significantly, he told me something about myself that I *didn't* know. I've always thought of myself as a kind of head-rules-heart kinda gal. When he said that I tend to let my heart rule my head, I looked at him and asked him what that means. He said, "Well, it probably means that you make decisions before really thinking about the consequences first." Well...yes, I *do* tend to do that, from impulse buying to making sponteneous choices at "ahem" 3:00 in the morning. I always thought of these as rational choices, albeit quick ones. In retrospect, of course, I realize that perhaps these quick decisions, rather than being rational, were, in fact, based in pleasure-seeking and emotion. Nothing particularly wrong with that, mind you. But it's interesting to be aware of it. And it's been a personal experiment of mine to try to be more aware of my decision making process. If nothing else, maybe I'll save more money. And go home earlier ;) Food for thought.

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