GDC: The Day Before the Show Opens I'm lying here in the Fairmont Hotel in a fluffy white bath robe with my trusty laptop on my knees. I have spent the whole day troubleshooting the material that I need for my 3-times a day 20 minute presentation. Much of my time was spent learning our new tool for XBox development, which I'm really excited about. Unable to do a complete run through during the day, when I finally got back to the hotel, I ran a bath, lit my portable lavender-scented candle, and did the whole presentation immersed in water. I imagined my toes were the audience. It was hard to guage their reaction. I am exhausted and was only vaquely tempted by the full lobby bar I passed on the way to the hotel's elevators. I half-heartedly rifled through the mini bar, and finally pulled out a $4.00 bottle of Evian (that's $6.00 CDN!). Tomorrow is my debut on the show floor of GDC. May the technoogy gods shine upon me.

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