I know that I was designed to never have children. Physically, I'm quite certain I can have them. But, mentally, it's never been in the cards. Proof? Put a bunch of cute baby pictures in front of me, and I become very polite and utter the right words. "She's so cute." "She looks just like her dad." "I have an outfit just like that." Put me in front of a bunch of cute kitten pictures and something visceral comes into play. I want them. I want them ALL! I want them all badly. Body and soul. There's something about a furry, full kitteny-soft belly that is irresistable. Those tiny claws. The eyes. The ears. Check this out and see if you have the same response. I'll be posting a picture of my Rosie when she was a young thing. I'll let you know when I do so you can vote her the cutest kitten.

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