Kitty Fest in the Dog Run Across the street from work is a dog run. It borders the gardens where I watch the smoking lady from my office. It's actually a lovely place, full of things in bloom. I often go down there for a bit of a break, to see what's growing, and sometimes to hum a song I'm trying to learn in some kind of privacy. I never see any dogs there, but I do see lots of cats. These aren't strays. These are cats likely from the homes bordering the dog run. Earlier today, I went out and this little guy watched me very intently for a while. I spoke a few kitty words to him and for a moment I thought I was blocking his path to the end of the run, so I moved. But, he wasn't scared of me. Instead, he approached me, rubbed up against me, and then lay flat on his back, offering his tummy for a good scratch. I obliged. Later, I went out again. This time a fat orange cat, who I had seen before, was patrolling the run. He watched some birds for a while, brushed up agianst me, and then wandered off to eat some grass--cats eat an enormous amount of grass. I felt like joining him, but I'm back in my office with my bird's eye view of the dog run.

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