Tale of a lonely Goatherdess Went to the Sound of Music singalong last Saturday. Several of us dressed up, some in liederhosen (or convincing facimiles) and others in Swiss-style getups reminiscent of milkmaids. I was in the latter group. Imagine seven grownups traipsing up Bleury towards the Imperial cinema dressed like it was Halloween. We could have made good pocket change if we had passed a hat round to all the cars that honked us on our way. Entering the cinema, we were given loot bags containing various props--eidelweiss, a piece of fabric symboizing the curtains, etc.--and instructions on how to respond to various characters on the screen. The mean Nazi boy, named Rolf, deserved nothing less than the barking we gave him everytime he appeared on the screen. Little Gretel, the littlest of all the Von Trapps, warranted an "anwwwwwwwww" everytime she appeared in all her dimpled cuteness. When the Captain and Maria kiss for the first time, we were allowed to pop a somewhat lethal pyrotechnic device that sent streamers everywhere. The best part, of course, was the singing. Singing along with the nuns ("How do you solve a problem like Maria?"), the kids ("Doe, a deer, a female deer....") and, my favourite, the young lovers, Rolf and Leisel ("I am sixteen, going on seventeen. People say I'm nieve..."). Phun! The best part was during intermission, as we stood outside for some air, as our wholesome-but-geeky costumes were contrasted by and the young men and women dressed in Goth styles (going to some concert at the Spectrum).

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