Delta Shoe Sponge Of all the many, many things in my office, which include... a life-size cutout of Boba Fett a Britney Spears doll that sings "Hit Me Baby One More Time" when you press her tummy a Barbie size Volkswagen Beetle more Hello Kitties than a grown woman should have a collection of stuffed monkeys ...and so much more ...guests to my office seem to be facinated by the shoe sponge I got during my last stay at a Delta hotel. It looks something like this, except it's blue and has the fetching Delta logo on it: shoe polisher They pick it up thinking it might be a blue cookie. The fun happens when they open it up and the little sponge inside exapands. I've seen people open and close this thing countless times, much like Eeyore played with the broken baloon in the hunny pot. What's up with this?

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