VW Manifesto man·i·fes·to n. pl. man·i·fes·toes or man·i·fes··tos A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially of a political nature New Beetles aren't unusual sites in Montreal. Nonetheless, it's not uncommon for very little children to point at my car as I drive by and for me to offer a wide smile and a wave. Kids love Beetles. It was with some confusion, then, that I found a little piece of paper under my windshield wiper last week entitled "V.W. Manifesto". Here is the "manifesto": Did you know ... 1. V.W. is a very popular car but not everyone can afford one 2. V.W. Is a stylish, well-engineered car but the drivers are often snobs 3. V.W.s are cheap for what you get, but are expensive considering they are a "people's" car 4. V.W. advertises their cars being driven by sucessful people, implying that the poor are sub-human novolkswagons@yahoo.com First of all, the email address (which I'm hoping will be picked up by some crawling spam thing) misspells "Volkswagen". Second, as a "call to arms", I'm not quite sure what I should do? Should I ... 1. Correct the writer's misspelling? 2. Point out that radicchio is a very expensive salad item but not everyone can afford it. 3. Underline the last point by saying that anyone who eats radicchio is a bit of a ponce. 4. Mention that although radicchio is a member of the lowly chicory family, it's really quite expensive for what it is. 5. Chastise the radicchio marketing board for promoting this salad item, which implies that anyone who eats iceberg lettuce is pond-sucking scum. Confused...and hurt.

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