I Want My Dystopia **Warning: Spoilers** Saw Matrix: Revolutions last night. While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I also thoroughly hated it at the same time. The Wachowski brothers had such an opportunity to really play with the narrative, and they totally failed to do so, instead giving us a happy ending with a nod to Christ's crucifiction. I wanted dystopia! I wanted the ending to confirm that that there was no escape from the matrix. I wanted a completely fabricated revolution, concocted to give the still jacked in humans the impression of liberation. Instead, I got some saviour shit with absolutely no tinge of irony. What a waste of such a promising concept. Another thing that struck me this time as the relationship between Neo and Trinity continued, and as the one between Naobie and Morpheus bloomed, is that this world is so heterosexual it hurts. Some boy on boy or girl on girl action would have been most welcome. Its lack underpins its fundamentally Christian focus. Blech!. That said, the movie goes at a clip, the effects (my speciality) are wonderful and I loved all the strong gals in this version. Rumour has it that Andy Wachowski has ditched his wife, has taken up with a dominatrix, and is now seeking a sex change operation. It seems that his facination with the darker sider of female-ness (or is it the fun side?) gives birth to women who love hard and fight hard. Ironically, Andy also once said, "We think movies are fairly boring and predictable. We want to screw with audience's expectations." I wanted to be screwed, but all I got was ripped off.

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