12 Monkeys: Jobs I've done... Persuant to Blork's and Martine's fine initiative, here is a list of (some) of the jobs I have held. Room Service Cashier at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel: At the age of 17, I recommended wine to David Niven, thought that Sally Struthers was ordering for two when she was really ordering for one, and fought viciously with an Italian room service waiter who thought Mussolini wasn't so bad. Receptionist at a food import company: Met Mr. Norton when he came in to pick up Toblerone chocolate for his M. Felix and Mr. Norton cookies. Asked him to marry me. Discovered that Mr. Norton certainly made good cookies, but had *no* sense of humour. Telephone operator for Expos dressing room: During the dark days of drug abuse in the baseball leagues, the Baseball Comissioner removed all payphones from dressing rooms and dugouts. My job was to dial numbers on behalf of the players and umpires and record the numbers they were dialing in a special diary. Everyone hated me. Glorified receptionist at IBM: People would call the main switchboard seeking help for products not manufactured by IBM. I once spent 10 minutes with a woman explaining to her that while I was capable of answering her WordPerfect question, I could not because it was manufactured by some weinie in Ottawa. Technical writer/Trainer for software company specializing in systems for law firms: Learned far too much about how lawyers pad their bills with "disbursement" charges. A dollar a page for photocopies? Puh-leeze! Mistress of all things 3D: What can I say about working at Softimage? I've been here for six years and I get to have this kind of repartee with our customers.

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