Recommended: BBC's The Office Rented the first season of The Office this weekend. Slightly reminiscent of Spinal Tap in its use of mockumentary-style narrative, The Office portrays the lives of of employees under the Dilbert-like management of the world's most un self-aware boss. What makes this series work for me is that the employees are as clueless as their leader, but not as ruthless. They rarely challenge him, and when they do, they quickly retreat (scuttle) as they're barraged by his nonsensical doublespeak. All are trapped in the ugliness of the city of Slough (think of the very worst of the West Island), a place they ocassionally attempt to leave, but never do. This little capsule isn't doing this series justice, so just rent it. Let me know if you fall in love with Tim the way I have. In the first episode, he encases his nemesis' stapler in a jello mould.

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