When Your Life is in Your Hands I know the feeling of losing control of a car, having killed my previous vehicle (a white VW Golf). All it takes is some weird friction/physics thing to happen to a single tire and *BAM*, you're doing a 360, or worse, the car is actually tipping and rolling. Driving from Toronto yesterday had me on tenterhooks. Although conditions weren't as bad as all that, I passed many cars in the ditch between the east and west lanes, including a large Jaguar. The first part of the journey was fine--small flakes barely lasted on the busy 401. As I approached Kingston, the road got decidedly narrower and I felt the need to clutch the steering wheel very tightly in fear of an icy patch I couldn't see in the 5:00 p.m. darkness. The snowy shoulder taunted my wheels with threats of chaos. I must have driven over 200 kilometres at 70 K an hour. Pathetic. But, I'm alive. Got home and poured myself a glass of wine, ate something really sugary, and read for hours until my hands and shoulders finally relaxed.

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