Starting Your Own Business: Rule 1: Don't Conduct Business from Your Bed So, I'm revising a proposal for a studio in Asia. Because of the 12 hour time difference, last night I plugged my laptop next to my bed so I could check messages for any last minute changes early in the morning, incorporate them, and re-send the proposal so it arrives at a fairly reasonable time. I wake up at 7:30 and see there are some modifications to make. I go downstairs to make an expresso and then hop back into bed, my laptop nestled on the duvet, and proceed to make the revisions. Suddenly, the machine stops. Cold. Or, in this case, hot. The damn fan was blocked by the friggin' goose down duvet (normally a source of great comfort). You can fry an egg on the bottom of the machine. I restart it...power comes on, but it's not reading the disk. Panic. I calm myself down, reminding myself that this is a quality machine and is probably designed to do this when its innerds reach the boiling point. My 17.00$ hair dryer has a similar mechanism, why not a 3500.00$ laptop? I wait 5 minutes. My finger firmly presses the "on" button. Huzzah! It boots and I'm back in business. Lesson learned. Don't mix comfort with work. It could end in tears.

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