Can Maggie Come Out and Play? I can't believe what a bit of sun and warmer temperatures can do to my mood. It's now after 1:30. I got work at about 11:30. I checked my email. I didn't send any serious email. I couldn't. I just traded barbs with friends overseas about what actually goes into a drink called a Double Submarine (Beer, with a shot glass of tequila in it--like an Irish Car Bomb, which is Guiness, with a shot glass of Bailey's in it. Don't ask. Just wonder). Then, I heard that the Chemical Brothers are playing next Thursday at Metropolis. I bought tickets, and then I told two friends, and they bought tickets. And so on. And then I got hungry, so I heated up the rest of the nummy salmon I had last night and am just finishing up my salad. I'm really hyper. I just want to go outside and run and stuff. Help me.

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