I'm Easily Amused I know many of you are probably past this stage, but I still like to look at how people have found my blog via the big search engines. Yesterday, someone searched for "Church of Hello Kitty". I was...ahem...number 1! My rankings for "Hello Kitty Vibrator" haven't increased, but I'm hoping that people will continue to search for the Hello Kitty vibrator and find that my site contains a great deal of information about the Hello Kitty vibrator, although doesn't contain much information about Hello Kitty herself or vibrators in general. In fact, I do own lots of Hello Kitty stuff, but I'm going be stay mum about vibrators, in the spirit of Hello Kitty, who, as you may know, has no mouth. She has, as you well know, her own vibrator modelled in her own image. Hmm...I think I have found the link between "Hello Kitty Vibrator" and "Church of Hello Kitty". Also fun is to ocassionally look at the translations that readers have requested. One online translation service translated "Mellow Kitty" into "Kitty Mûr", or "Ripe Kitty".

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