The Chemical Brothers concert last night was incredibly pleasurable. They played stuff from the last three albums, and opened with Come with Us and It Began in Africa. As I manouvered my way nearer to the front of the stage through the mosh pit, I was overwhelmed by the smell of laundry, perfume, and cologne. "Everyone smells so clean," I thought to myself as It Began in Africa started to make me move just a little bit more freely and frenetically. It was an interesting juxtaposition of a track that hearkens back to our primal home--a deep, dark, mysterious, exotic and decidely black place--and the sweet-smelling, all-white, oh-so-healthy crowd. They were beautiful. We were beautiful. And happy. We glowed. We moved. We waved our hands in the air and pretended that the kajillion watt lights that flashed in our faces was the sun. We closed our eyes and watched the effect of the lights on our retinas. Purr-fect!

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