Trash in the Trash I learned never to be too proud to pick through an interesting pile of garbage. I have found chairs, lamps, wool carpets, pedestals, wooden ironing boards...all really good stuff that *doesn't* come from IKEA. This morning, I dropped my car off at the dealer for its 30,000 Km check up. The dealer is in Verdun, which I've discovered is a decent place for church sales. Walking to the metro, I passed a pile of books. They didn't smell and they weren't wet, so I started to dig. I found some classic 50s pulp fiction paperbacks. Here's a sample of the titles: Pirate Queen--"She could fight like the devil and love like an angel." Gretta--"About a woman whose weakness was to love too many men." Pirate Wench--"She could outfight, outlove any man in her crew." "Filled with looting and loving!"--N.Y. Herald I, a woman--"I look at every single man to see if he looks at me. I can see at once if his eyes are alert and gleaming (1). I notice at once whether he is a man (2), whether he is contemptible or all right, whether he has courage or is afraid, and I secretly desire--I secretly desire every single man who understands my femininity." (1) Like a dog's. (2) To make sure he isn't a dog. Apparently, I, a woman was made into a film starring Essy Persson and the New York Post called it "Sensational!"

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