Free is just another word for nothin' left.... I confess to an addiction. An addiction to free movie downloads. Of movies that aren't always very good. Ya know, I don't need to use my computer all the time. Why shouldn't it go to work for me, downloading when I'm not busy doing battle with the world of visual effects ("We can't do it for a pixel less!"). Three weeks ago, I didn't know what a torrent was. Now, I'm all about seeding and giving back to my peers. I've downloaded some pretty sweet stuff:
  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (a classic that inspired Reservoir Dogs)
  • Westworld (Yul Brynner as a cyborg with a stubborn streak stronger than The Terminator)
  • Rude Boy (the Clash's indulgent and brilliant semi-chronicle of their lives and times)
  • South Park, the Movie (omigod, still brilliant, still relevent)
  • ...and a tonne more
So, I know this is illegal. And stuff. But, I just can't help it. It's so democratic, it can't be wrong.


Louisa said...

i STRONGLY reccommend Waking Life, direted by Richard linklater. All about dreams and the meanings they convey and how they link us to life, by being a little bit like dying- heavy stuff, if you really let yourself get into the philosophy of it...And I know you will :)

AJ said...

Children in Beverly Hills will have to make do with last years' iPods because of you. The shame!

It is funny how (especially if you work in the biz) we can create this weird dichotomy between agitating for industrial action in order to get paid for highly technical work, but we have no qualms about not paying for said work when no-one's looking, essentially.

Then again, we gave at the office, through the Blank Media Levy...interesting legal grey area.