Three times this week I have been privy to email gone wrong. In two instances, I received email misdirected to my email accounts. In another, an ex-colleague managed to leak some sensitive material to pretty much my entire customer base.
  • To the guy or gal complaining about the weather and being home alone with Spencer: I am not the Maggiek you think I am @ gmail.com. Just bundle up and get the hell out of there!
  • To the woman who sent me the entire summary of the conference she chaired in Dublin late last year: I do not know why I am copied on your email, but the German guy who replied to your email seems dreamy. Thank you.
  • To the ex-colleague who managed to send a very personal email about my business to everyone I do business with: While I realize this was inadvertant, the fact that you didn't contact me after to apologize or take any responsibility for this costly blunder (you blamed the autocomplete feature in Outlook, but not yourself) is mind-bogglingly rude. I spit in your general direction.
  • To the rest of you: Check your email addresses before you send something important. The life you save may be your own.

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