The advantages of working on St-Laurent are numerous. I needed to: - get some new contact lenses - get some passport photos taken (ugh!) - get some money All these services are available right across the street from Softimage. The disadvantage of working on St-Laurent is that when Spring starts flexing its influence, like it did this afternoon, you get outside to run your errands and you *never* want to go back in. Of course, I had to check out Lola & Emily's (cute Tees ;) and MAC and Jean Coutu and *had* to finally get: - purple eyeshadow - chamois eyeshadow - face powder compact - golden lip gloss Lola & Emily's *did* have these divine body lotions that smelled like they were concocted in heaven by little cherubim who had *never* smelled anything nasty in their lives. But, I resisted. But, I'm still thinking about them. In fact, I rubbed some on my hands and I'm sniffing the flowery one *right now*. Spring is springing ;)

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