Fire & Ice is Back! Fire & Ice is Revlon's signature nail and lipstick colour, although they mysteriously pulled it off the market a few years ago. The name was was kept for one of their icky colognes and was used for the title of Charles Revson's biography. The lip colour is now back in their Winter collection. It is neither red nor pink, but something in between. It's definitely on the "blue" side of the spectrum, so it's good for gals who can wear cool shades (like moi). I wore it all through university. It's such a special colour that one of my absent-minded philosophy professors actually asked me about it at a cocktail party once, although he was more intrigued by the name of the lipstick than anything else. On my first visit to New York, a Manhattan matron stopped me in the rez-de-chausée of Bloomingdale's and asked what colour lipstick I was wearing. I'm happy to report that I'm wearing it now. It makes me feel like kissin' someone coldly, quickly, deeply, and dispassionately and leavin' a hot smear of colour on their beautiful face. Tee hee.

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