Inspired by suebob's dreamy confessions (I wish I had crazed monkey sex! with a real monkey!), I feel compelled to share that I, too, have had vivid dreams these past two nights and wish to share as much of their content as possible. Dream 1: In a Comfortable Empty House I'm in the house of one of my longtime friends. I sometimes think that we should be romantically connected, but, as one of my buddies pointed out the other night as we all sat down to dinner, "You bicker just like brother and sister." Anyway, my friend doesn't have a house, but in this dream he does and it's very large, very rundown, and very empty. And I'm living there. And I'm comfortable there. For a while, I feign sleep in the hopes that I won't have to leave the house. But, in the end, I pack up my stuff and I go. Sometimes my dreams are really transparent. Dream 2: I Meet My Love Interest's Girlfriend, Eat Her Cheese, and then Go Shopping! I'm out with my girlfriends. We meet on some city street and go for breakfast in some cute restaurant-place. My current love interest is there as well. We're joined by his girlfriend (he doesn't have one in real life) and I smile and say hello, but can't look at them for a bit 'cause they're all smoochy-like. The girlfriend has brought all these processed cheese slices and I eat them all. I apologize for doing this and I start talking to her and I realize that I really like her and that she could easily be a friend. Later, I go shopping in this new style boutique--one of my friend's exclaims something like,"Omigod, it's Jack and Jill's from Paris. We have to go in!" We do. First thing I notice is that all the mannequins are normal sizes and a variety of sizes. Then I discover that the boutique is actually a series of boutiques, but I can't look at everything in detail because I have to get to work...(I *did* have to get to work). Sidenote: Interesting thing I noticed in the boutique: A sparkler lighting kit. This kit consisted of a leather case containing a box of wooden matches and four birthday candles. Sparklers are notoriously difficult to light, so what you do is you light the candle with the wooden match and light the sparkler with the candle, which will stay lit much longer than the candle. Patent pending. Sparklers not included.

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