A very mellow weekend. I've found that since the addition of Punkin, my fourth stray cat, I *really* do have to vacuum every week. I'm turning into my mom fer sure. Before passing the vaccum, I decided to take advantage of the spring-like weather we had on Saturday and went for a run to get much-needed toilet paper. I find that I can really only motivate myself to jog if there's the promise of shopping at the end of it. Funny how I'm not at all self-conscious about browsing the local pharmacy in my vintage Norma Kamali sweat pants and my bright red Princess kangaroo sweatshirt. I almost bought some purple eyeshadow, but I work accross the street from MAC, so buying pharmacy-grade cosmetics just seems wrong now. Sunday I went to my friend's place to play some music. I don't know if "play" is the right word when talking about your voice, but I'm going to adopt it. We worked on our version of "Little Boxes" and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" and, for a laugh, "Stairway to Heaven". What a bizarro song. I mean, what is it about, anyhoo? I changed the lyrics at the beginning from "There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold" to "There's a lady who *knows* all that glitters is gold" because I believe that ;). But mostly, what does this stanza mean: If there's a bustle in your hedgerow Don't be alarmed now It's just a spring clean for the May Queen A bustle? In *my* hedgerow? Honestly. What were they on? Who remembers slow dancing to this song? Who remememebers being groped? Who remembers groping? (And, why have all my posts turned italic? Forgive me as I work out the kinks of my blog space.)

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